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Most internet radio stations stream between 128 kbps to 320 kbps - And that's automatically selected for you! With or without your knowledge.

By listening to the higher data usage stations you could find yourself with little or no data remaining to send a simple email! Or receive a WhatsApp message from a friend, family member or colleague!

Other issues with this can be:

  • You find your radio player will pause or stop altogether because there is poor reception.
  • The device you use has not buffered enough sound data to keep playing when you hit a tunnel or black spot when out and about.
  • Your mobile / listening device keeps waiting and sometimes freezes to acquire enough data to start playing again.

The cycle can repeat over and over.

You must have experienced one of these? It can become annoying.

That's why at Radio 80s we start at the data friendly rates and we let you choose to change this if required. We also use servers in multiple geographic locations. This helps reduce lag and with our data saving default stream - encoded using our preferred dynamics - still deliver a better sound for longer without interruptions. We minimise the risk of buffering whist still saving you money on whatever plan / provider you use.

At Radio 80s - And across the Zoom network we are continually working on improving the sound of our services - whilst reducing the cost to our listeners. Plus we want you to have the extra data, not your mobile provider making more out of you enjoying music on the go. For mobile internet streaming, Radio 80s really is a great choice if you listen on a mobile plan - contract or pay as you go service. Not only because we use a fraction of the data other stations demand, but it also means when you have little or no reception during that tube, train or poor reception area, Radio 80s Zoom will keep going for 50% to 90% longer! And still costing our listeners less whilst maintaining a more consistent stream.

We're adding more higher quality streams all the time - However the default, or go to audio will always remain and start by using the data saving streams. Typically between 32kbps to 64kbps and will also select 128kbps as default for home broadband / TV apps. For higher quality sound you have to select the stream manually. This ensures wherever you are and on whatever device / connection you use, we make sure you save whist you listen to: More 80s Music - Than Music Stations Back In The 1980s!

For further information and for details on our compression, sampling and bit-rate encoding, see details below.

80s Radio Zoom

The Data Friendly 80s Radio Zoom Team

Email: datasaver@zoom80s.xyz with subject: Datasaver - to receive our technical overview and sound encoding / decoding specifications.

Radio 80s Zoom - The Data Saving, Non-Stop, Commercial Free, 24 hour, 80s Music Radio Station80s Radio Zoom - The Data Saving, Non-Stop, Commercial Free, 24 hour, 80s Music Radio Station

Zoom Radio 80s - The Data Saving, Non-Stop, Commercial Free, 24 hour, 80s Music Radio Station.